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Island Inspired is a creative design studio with a focus on interiors, graphic design solutions and event planning.

We are based in the 'melting pot', Pacific Harbour, servicing the Fiji Islands and beyond.

S A R A H  T O G A N I V A L U




I'm Sarah, director of Island Inspired, and I really enjoy tailoring unique moments, detailing spaces and creating custom designs that make people say wow!


In 2011 I received a Bachelor of Design, majoring in Spatial design from Massey University in Wellington.

I have also spent the last 8 years working in both New Zealand and Fiji in the interiors and architectural industries.

Having paternal links, and also moving to Fiji in 2014, I immediately fell in love with the thriving culture and the vibrant way of life here.

I also noticed how a lot of its aspects felt inspired by nature and influenced by the environment. I could especially see this in the use of bright colours, striking textures, and intricate patterns in the building methods, fashion trends, jewellery, home decor and general everyday items.

I could also see that the unique Pacific lifestyle was embraced by its people and something, rightly so, that they should be proud of.


This mindset, of drawing inspiration from our immediate surroundings constantly inspires me, and is one of the intentions behind Island Inspired.


Beauty is all around us, and I believe that we can use the environment and our natural surroundings as the inspiration and muse to achieving really creative results.

To learn more about my journey in Fiji, visit my blog: 'OH MY FIJI' here.

T H E  B E G I N N I N G S

"Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun"

-Pablo Picasso

On Friday nights as a child with my older sister, I remember staying up way past our bedtime watching lifestyle DIY shows on TV. One day I asked her, "what is the name of the job that lady does" to which she replied, "I think she's an interior designer".

It was from that moment on that I knew, I was also going to become an interior designer, and make a impact in peoples lives by anticipating their needs, enhancing their spaces and maybe even changing the way they view their everyday surroundings.

Little did I know, not only would I achieve this goal, but it would also be in my father's home country, tropical Fiji. 


I have always had the desire to paint, sketch and draw. I was even told I was pretty good at it, but I only seemed to have real motivation if I was creating art for other people. There was something about seeing the expression on people's faces as they received their personal piece of art, created especially for them, that I loved so much.


This is the same for all aspects of design for me, and is what I want to offer with 'Island Inspired'. I feel that designing for others is like providing a gift, a gift that not only lasts, but can also inspire, and enables others to also express their personal style and journey to the world.

W H A T  C A N  W E  O F F E R  Y O U ?

I N T E R I O R  D E S I G N

We offer ideas and solutions to assist with all your Interior design needs, as well as the 3D software to help you envisage your dreams too.

D E T A I L I N G + G R A P H I C S

Assisting you with all your unique graphic, detailing and accessory design requirements.


Focusing on the finer details and working behind the scenes to make your events unique and well organised.


Providing bespoke, one of a kind, hand drawings and lettering for all occasions.

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